Sierra is inspired by a generational love for the mountains. The Sierra Mountain Range is the birthplace of our passion and a deep part of who we are. The more we explored the Sierra, the more we craved all things outdoors. While the Sierra will always hold significant meaning for us, we are eager to venture into all the rugged and wild mountains in this world.
Our first product, the “Sierra 12” mountain bike specific multitool came to be because we were trying to scratch our own itch. As we looked for new ways to experience the high country, we naturally ended up on bikes. This new method of travel in the mountains proved to be challenging, exhilarating, and rewarding. We soon experienced, as every mountain biker eventually does, that traveling in the backcountry presents its own specific challenges. Navigating rugged and remote singletrack is rough on even the highest quality and well-tuned bikes. And even the best riders can’t foresee or avoid every mechanical issue.
Having spent so much time in the wild, we’ve run into just about every type of mechanical issue and bike malfunction. As much as we hate to admit it, there were more than a few times when we were unprepared and didn’t have a tool to get us out of our bind and back on the trail. Other times, we brought a tool, but it lacked the feature needed for our specific bike issue. Both of these problems left us in miserable situations that resulted in long walks out of the backcountry. Being forced to push our bikes over miles and miles of perfect, untamed singletrack, knowing our mechanical issue could be easily fixed with the right tool, is not a good time.
These experiences led us to create the “Sierra 12” mountain bike specific multitool. Having used every bike tool imaginable, and experiencing all the ways they were lacking, there were 3 issues we knew we had to overcome. Our tool needed to be versatile, compact, and durable. After hundreds of hours of engineering, and iteration after iteration, we can confidently say we overdelivered on those 3 objectives and many more.
As a company of mountain bikers, we are proud to create products that let nothing limit the adventure you are called to. We make sure you leave the mountains on your terms.

Mountain Biker on Single Track Trail