Goblins Gulch Trail Project

I think Logan and I both learned from our time in Washington that filming is simply the catalyst for fun times with friends in the desert. Nevada was no different. Another fun trail and build, capped with three days of early mornings, late nights, and scorching sun.

Mountain Biker Riding Down Mountain Spine

Mountain Biker Riding off a Jump

Mountain Biker Riding off a Jump

It took some serious planning and commitment to get this project going, from getting work off for all of us, coordinating with Sage, and actually getting to the location. Logan and I knew this segment would round the project off well, so we dove in headfirst. 

Multiple Mountain Bikers Riding Down a Mountain Spine

Mountain Biker Riding Down a Red Dirt Spine

Crescent Moon with Purple Sky

Working with Jonathon Chandler and Jules Jimreivat is such a pleasure. A power couple no doubt, with Jules climbing semi-professionally and Jon documenting anything badass and high-octane. They are both easy-going, yet extremely motivated. It takes a special breed of soul to get you up at 4 am to go send lines you’re terrified of. 

Mountain Biker Riding a Spine a Sunset

Mountain Biker Carrying Bike up Mountain

Mountain Biker Pushing Bike Up Mountain

Two Mountain Bikers Riding Down a Mountain Spine at Sunset

Sage is also a massive pleasure to be around. His experience in big mountain terrain, both skiing, and biking, along with his expertise in production and filming was seriously appreciated, and his general excitement to get after it is intoxicating. He was the one convincing us to head out in the heat of the day to get warm-up runs in before the light got good.

Two Mountain Bikers Going Off a Large Jump

Mountain Biker Riding Off a Large Jump

Overall, we spent three days in the desert. Mornings and evenings were designated to filming and digging, while midday was designated to building tarp forts to shield us from the sun. I thought a lot about what pulls us towards creation, in any capacity, in a heat daze under one of said tarps. Artistic expression is something everyone dabbles in, whether it be coding on a computer, fabricating a new bumper for your car, landscaping, or even decorating your room. What really makes you want to do that? Why does trail building, to me, captivate me so heavily? I think it goes beyond the simple experience of riding something for the first time. That is special too, of course, but why put in the extra time to be sure all your rocks Lego together perfectly? Does the way you limb a tree matter to the feel of the trail? 

Two Mountain Bikers Riding Off a Large Jump

The conclusion I came to was this: if you have the ability to create an experience, why not perfect everything about that experience? Your experience riding is the catalyst, yet the choice to take the trail over a cool rock, next to a seasonal spring, by an old tree, etc. is one to enhance the entire experience. A cruddy jump line behind the 7-11 over a dumpster may ride well, but one in a hidden ravine with a waterfall using the topography will heighten the experience generally. That is why our first trip to Washington was so special. We were in an amazing space, with amazing shapes-a curated experience.

Artistic expression, is then, in some capacity, heightening an already amazing experience. If your bed feels cozier because you spent the time designing the area around it towards what you like, then that is a driving factor to your expression.

Editorial by Henry Lanman (@hendotb14), Photos by Jules Jimreivat (@juliannalyle), Video by Logan Bonwell (@loganbonwell), Drone by Jonathon Chandler (@jonathonchandler), and Athlete, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa (@sage_cattabriga_alosa).



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